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Welcome to the IUCN Hyaena Specialist Group website

The Hyaena Specialist Group has two major goals: 1) to promote the conservation of hyaenas worldwide through integrated research in order to develop sound conservation strategies, and 2) through education, to change people's attitudes towards these much maligned and often unnecessarily persecuted animals.  The information on this site is provided to help educate people about the members of the hyaena family. 

Hyaenidae refers to the family of extinct and living hyaenas (called 'hyenas' in North America). Although the hyaena family once contained a large number of species, only four members of the family persist on earth today. The extant members of the hyaena family are shown below. Information about each of these species, as well as information about the family as a whole, can be found on the pages of this web site. References cited on the pages of this web site can be found in the Hyaena References section.

 The extant (living) hyaena species

Brown hyaena
(Parahyaena brunnea)
(around 45 kg)

Striped Hyaena (Hyaena hyaena)
Striped hyaena
(Hyaena hyaena)
(around 35 kg)

spotted hyena
Spotted hyaena
(Crocuta crocuta)
(around 55 kg)

(Proteles cristata, formerly Proteles cristatus)
(around 10 kg)


Hyaena news!

Torsten Bohm sheds light for the first time on the spotted hyenas inhabiting Odzala-Kokoua National Park, republic of Congo. See his results summarized here.